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Well…I’m back in Germany. Just for two days before I will leave for Italy. I went to Sweden with my partner…. I came back without. My partner two years ago left me also after a trip to Sweden. What is it with this country that everyone likes to break up with me afterwards?

Please excuse that I am not able to concentrate on anything at the moment… I feel very exhausted.

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Hey, just to ask, is your last sherlock book going to be available in you shop please?

Hi there. It will if there are some left after the convention. But I am very sure that you might find some of them after August, the 25th in my shop.

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New Booklets part 3

Yet another Sherlock themed cover. This design will be available on a small booklet and a medium sized booklet.

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Fandom books edition,
Iron books for a future king.

I have shown them to you already. But I will have two of the with me at the convention. If they won’t leave me there, you will find them in my store after this event.

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Fandom books edition special

These books won’t be for sale. But with a bit of luck you may win them at the Euro Airdot Con raffle.

Stencil on linen, book with rounded back and yellow headband.

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Fandom Edition Books No. …

A polar bear book. This book is special and is perfect for all your polar adventures. The cover features an embossed bear as well as a stencil print. All on very soft linen. Go and pet a polar bear!

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Fandom books edition

The book for pilots in a new design.

New linen and sharper lines. Some books simply need to be refreshed from time to time.

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Fandom books Edition No…. Did someone count?

The manual. It could be one, if you fill it with useful instructions. Stencil on Bugra paper. It has a nice grip on the cover and offers enough pages for long entries.